Sandblasting hall

Costum design according to costumer needs


  • LED lighting
  • Built-in dust filtration system
  • Suitable for any sandblasting material
  • Economical and efficient
  • Interior lined with durable yellow rubber
  • Built-in particle gathering rake system and spoon applicator ensures continuous feedback of used sandblasting material


Sandblasting halls allow you to blast large components and equipment. Built-in particle gathering system ensures you can recycle the used sandblasting materials. Depending on the parts many different sandblasting materials can be used, for example glass beads, corundum or metal.

Size and weight: Depending on the buyers needs.

Pros of sandblasting halls:

  • Costum design according to the costumers needs
  • The particle gathering system can be built with low installation depth (can be redesigned later)
  • Minimal noise and wear
  • Low power consumption

During sandblasting in these halls generates a lot of dust, to prevent this we recommend using dust filtration systems. LED reflectors ensure that there's always ample lighting in the hall. The interior is lined with durable yellow rubber in order to prevent any damage to the hall, this always helps in reduced the noise while sandblasting. High load capacity floor allows moving larger components easily using a forklift.

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