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 Sandblasting Hall/s, Room/s and Chamber/s from the Sandblasting Experts

Sandblasting halls

Sandblasting halls forthe perfect suface treatment

Sandblasting halls are individually planned. They convince through experienced technique and guarantee the complete line of modern and environment-friendly sand blasting technique:

ORKAN has developed and constructed its own modular unit assembly system made out of high quality components. Our sand blasting halls are projected and manufactured in cooperation with the customer and according to his necessities.
- with flat conveyor system
- with recycling system for blasting material
- with wet vacuum turbine or cartridge filter



Sand blasting and zinc coating - possible in one SAPI sand blasting hall

Sandblasting medium-sized


Medium-sized sand blasting hall for workpieces out of stainless steel with ORKAN flat conveyor system, mounted on existing floor (no foundation works necessary).
Sandblasting hall  

Sand blasting hall with working pit, concrete-made driving track and ORKAN flat conveyor system
Sandblasting hall  

Sand blasting hall with lifting platform and flat wagon for transport of heavy workpieces
Recycling of sand blasting material

The sandblasting material recycling is made by our effective working blasting material cleaner, which separates waste particles or other waste like fine dust or other contaminants. When using ferric or mineralic blasting material simultaneously in one sand blasting hall, they are led additionally into an electro-magnetic drum to be separated and afterwards stored in a divided blasting material bin.

Transport and recycling of sand blasting material  


The Orkan flat conveyor system has been working successfully for many years. It works frictionless with lowest energy costs. The small construction depth - up from 130 mm incl. gratings - allows for a refitting without any problems. Even the installation above an existing floor is possible without or with very low foundation works. The blasting material is transported by the flat conveyors to the elevator. After being cleaned and separated from contaminants it slips into the storage bin.

SAPI technology for zinc coating - to protect surfaces against corrosion after sand blastingS  



Arc-spraying zinc coating in a SAPI sand blasting hall. Zincing is the best protection against corrosion



ORKAN "we are the sandblasting experts"