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For each application the right blasting cabin ORKAN offers a wide range of high - quality and efficient sand blasting cabins, which are made for industrial use and prove themselves day by day under hardest working conditions. Because we trust in our products, we give two years guarantee. Every ORKAN sandblasting cabin is able to do different sand blasting jobs and every commercially available sandblasting material can be used. To guarantee you best working conditions, we give you recommen-dations for the best suitable filtering and suction device for every sand blasting cabin. Regardless of which sandblasting job you have to do, which surface you have to prepare and which blasting material you want to use - we give you technical advise and support. For special tasks we recommend to discuss with our technicians, who would be glad to prepare also a customised offer for a sandblasting cabin, made especially for you.The importants advatages of the ORKAN sandblasting cabins / cabinet´s universal applicable for cleaning, derusting, descaling, hardening, burring, roughening, consolidating, polishing and many more... suitable for all usual abrasives complete delivery, ready for work, incl. all connections 2 years guarantee

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