Our company celebrated its 25th anniversary in 2017!

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Company history - Orkán Kft.

Orkán Ltd. was formed in April 1992 as a partner company of the German Sapi GmbH. At it's start, it provided work for 8 people and kept evolving ever since. Now it provides work for 60 people.

The company manufactures environmentally friendly sandblasting equipment, from low performance mobile sandblasting machines to high performance sandblasting halls and containers. Our products can clean, renew various surfaces as well as prepare them for painting. Our machines are widely used in mechanical engineering, architecture, metal and vehicle industry, ceramics and woodworking. They can be also used to restore artifacts and monuments to their former glory.

We also have a great emphasis on manufacturing various dust extractors with different performance, which can be used with our sandblasting machines to help create dust free and more environmentally friendly workspace.

Ever since we've formed, we've been working on new solutions, alongside our german partners, for free beam mobile sandblasters as well as closed system sandblasting techniques so that we can make them more efficient and tailor our machines to the needs of our costumers. We have a wide palette of products available, however we can gladly make changes to the original desing to accomodate any special needs a costumer might have. We also provide various sandblasting materials(Sand, Steel, Glass, etc.), spare parts, protective gear for our products, as well as service and maintenance should any problem arise.

Everything you can know about us

Assessing Needs

Manufacturing machines in unique sizes to satisfy personal needs, also creating a 3d drawing if necessary


After manufacturing at our site, we assemble the product at the selected location then carry out various test to make sure everything is in order


At the customer's request, we are always happy to perform service on a given equipment with replacement parts

Expert Knowledge

For more than 25 years, our company has been doing various tasks of grain and sandblasting as well as painting and locksmith activities


Our goals are to get in touch quickly, to satisfy unique costumer needs completely and to provide future support for all our products


We take full responsibility for the quality, operation, or repair of any installed machine manufactured by us

Orkán Céglogó

"Your sandblasting expert"

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