Büffel 100

Injector cabin | Built-in dust filtration system


  • LED lighting
  • Built-in dust filtration system
  • Easy to open telescopic front door
  • Suitable for any sandblasting material
  • Economical and efficient
  • Interior lined with durable yellow rubber

Interior size

Height 850mm
Width 1000mm
Depth 900mm


Full cabin size
Height 2000mm
Width 1200mm
Depth 1400mm
Primary color
RAL7035 | #C5C7C4 | rgb(197, 199, 196)
Secondary color
RAL7016 | #383E42 | rgb(56, 62, 66)
Air intake 600 liter/min - 2000 liter/min
Air pressure 2-12 bar
Grate load capacity 300 kg
Electrical connectivity 230 V
Power consumption 80 W
Pressure regulator Water seperator Borcarbid nozzle Hatch security switch
Foot pedal Passthrough hatch Foldable front door Air blower pistol
Rubber rosette 1 pair long rubber gloves LED lighting Rubber lining

Büffel type cabins are recommended for sandblasting large parts and equipment. Delivery includes a fully functional, ready to use device. The high durability yellow rubber lining prevents any wear or damage to the interior of the cabin. Furthermore the lining increases visibility thanks to its' vibrant color and also helps reduce the noise generated by sandblasting. Thanks to how efficient this cabin is, it can save you up to 50% of sandblasting material used. The passthrough hatch on the side of the cabin makes it possible to sandblast really long parts or fibers, which wouldn't fit into the cabin otherwise. The cabin can also recycle sandblasting materials by filtering out the bigger particles and feeding it back to the system, thus making it more economical.

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