Sandblasting container

Costum design according to costumer needs


  • LED lighting
  • Built-in dust filtration system
  • Suitable for any sandblasting material
  • Economical and efficient
  • Interior lined with durable yellow rubber
  • Built-in particle gathering rake system and spoon applicator ensures continuous feedback of used sandblasting material


Sandblasting containers allow working on components that wouldn't fit inside sandblasting cabins. The automated system installed in these containers make recycling already used sandblasting materials possible, ensure fast and efficient work. Depending on the parts many different sandblasting materials can be used, for example glass beads, corundum or metal.

Size and weight:
A standard sandblasting container's size is 6058 x 2438 x 2591 mm and it's wieght is 1270 kg. However costum sizes are available according to costumer needs. Can be moved with a crane (using a four-pronged rope connected to the upper corners of the container) or with a forklift (by using the pockets on the base of the container).

Steel plate, 1,5 kN/m2 load capacity steel ribs

Doors and windows:
One full width double leaf door, which can be opened seperately. It's recommended to also use a side door for safety with a 1 x 2 meter control window. The container is hermetically sealed to prevent dust from getting out into the open.


  • Rubber lining: The interior of the container is lined with durable yellow rubber, which protects the container from any damage or wear and reduces noise generated during sandblasting. Also improves visibility inside thanks to the virbant yellow.
  • Lighting: 6 metal halide bulbs (150W/piece)
  • Switchboard: Responsible for operating the container, located on the side.

  • Costumers can also choose from additional features expand the base container!
    For example:

  • Using mini sandblasting material applicator, cleaner, storage equipment the system can be automated
  • Sandblasting material collecting system placed in the floor of the container (single row or full surface)

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