Dino Junior



  • Filtering done by a Turbo II unit
  • Dust filtration happens at the same time as surface treatment
  • Suitable for any outdoor sandblasting work, economical and efficient
  • Upon stopping the sandblasting process, the built-in controller relieves pressure from the tank. When the sandblasting is continued it places the tank under pressure again


Height 1800mm
Width 1900mm
Depth 700mm


Beam strenght 3-8 m2/hour
Maximal pressure 12 bar
Hose lenght 5 m
Weight 200 kg
Compressor performance 2 m3
Tank capacity 25 l
Electrical connection 400 V
Engine performance 5,5 kW
Suction strenght 133 1/sec
Pressure regulator Water seperator Brush nozzle Dual circuit trigger
Special sandblasting hose Filtration system

Orkán Céglogó

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